The telecommunications section performs the Communications Regulatory Agency’s affairs in the area of telecommunications in accordance with the law and is responsible for the following:

  • The implementation of all of the obligations of the Communications regulatory Agency specified in the Decision of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Establishment of the Communications Regulatory Agency, the Telecommunications Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other legal documents related to the field of telecommunications;
  • The providing of technical assistance to the Director General that allows it to achieve the global goal of the Communications Regulatory Agency;
  • Ensuring that the international telecommunication services are provided in accordance with the terms of licenses issued by the Communications Regulatory Agency;
  • Establishing the requirements and creating definitions contained in the licenses for operators and service providers;
  • Overseeing the provision of telecommunications services in accordance with the prescribed licenses and permits issued by the Communications Regulatory Agency;
  • Preparing the necessary documents regulating the field of telecommunications services and networks;
  • The preparation of individual rules and decisions for the successful interconnection and interoperability of equipment in telecommunication networks;
  • Cooperating with all telecommunications operators that are licensed by the Communications Regulatory Agency;
  • Creating a Numbering Plan for Telephony Services and overseeing the implementation of the same, which ensures an easy and comprehensive use of all opportunities that exist in European countries;
  • Monitoring and supporting the process of deregulation, privatization, and liberalization, as well as the introduction of competition in the telecommunications market;
  • The monitoring of the situation of determining tariffs for telecommunications services in the market, and taking necessary measures when necessary;
  • Ensuring that each person in Bosnia and Herzegovina has access to any telephone directory issued by the telecom operator, at a reasonable commercial rate;
  • Cooperating with the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entity ministries responsible for telecommunications in relation to the telecommunications sector issues;
  • Representing the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of telecommunications.
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