The radio frequency spectrum is a limited natural resource and, therefore, it is necessary to provide for its use in the most efficient way. According to the provisions of the Law on Communications of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Communications Regulatory Agency issues licenses for the use of the radio spectrum. In this sense, the Communications Regulatory Agency is responsible for controlling the use of the radio spectrum.

The main tasks of the Section for Radio Monitoring are:

  • The elimination of interference in the radio spectrum, whether at local, regional or international level, so that the providers of radio communications services can exist side by side with optimal installations and costs, which, in general, provides economic benefits to any national economy;
  • The collection of data such as: data on the utilization of the radio spectrum, the verification of the user operations in accordance with the technical parameters of the Communications Regulatory Agency license;
  • The detection and identification of the illegal use of the radio spectrum, the generation and verification of frequency records for the purposes of planning and management of the radio spectrum.
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